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Central Market of Thessaloniki, was created in 1966 as Central Fruit and Vegetable Market of Thessaloniki (CMT) and operates in its today‘s facilities from 1975. Central Meat Market has been located at these facilities from 2003 as well. Its Object was defined by Presidential Orders and includes fresh agricultural products, elaborated and standard agricultural products (plant origin) as well as meat. Its Object is to provide management services and necessary substructures, in order to immunize and develop the operation of the complete network of fruit, vegetable and meat transfer and trading.

It works as the middle node at the channel of the logistics chain of the fruit & vegetable and meat market. It is a benchmark between the producers and the wholesale and retail traders, in order to promote the products, through retailer points, to the final

CMT S.A., with its institutional character and role is an intermediate point of intervention and organisation of wholesales. During its 35 years of its function contributes to: The Insurance of the terms and rules of the operation of free market. The creation of the conditions of the smooth and unhindered transfer of products (fresh fruit, vegetable and meat). The rational configuration of the prices. The prevent and blocking of the producer‘s, trader‘s and consumer‘s exploitation incidents.






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