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The Group’s provisions and responsible attitude towards society, given the ongoing recession in Greece, was directed towards two main areas, namely socially vulnerable groups and youth. These actions were mainly addressed to local communities, where the Group operates in, and the wider society.
The implementation of our actions in local communities is supported by ongoing communication and dialogue with the authorities and bodies from neighboring regions, as well as from public opinion surveys and debates which gives us the opportunity to listen to the people who live in the areas where we operate. The results of the these practices are assessed and go on to redefine our future activities.
In the near future, we will focus on areas where there is greater social demand, one of these being the refugees issue, contributing, in this way, to enhancing social solidarity, mutual support and volunteerism as a response to the changing mentalities plaguing our society.
The Group’s multi-faceted program of activities in Greece and abroad, in addition to the two aforementioned main pillars, supports actions related to infrastructure works and improving life quality, as well as programs regarding the environment, culture and sports. The extent of our commitment to society includes a large number of CSR activities, where the Group invests, respecting the environment and contributing to sustainable development.






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